Our Story

In 2020, when the world shut down, we decided to do something about it. Besides some philanthropic endeavors, we wanted to ship some happiness in the mail.

The idea for BirthMonthDeals came when people were losing their jobs, getting their life savings wiped out of the stock market and limited in-person shopping. We started by selling niche specific jewelry at a very low price. In fact the majority of our catalog is under $25 for a reason. And believe it or not, we have not raised our prices in over 3 years.

While competitors complain about shipping constraints, higher costs for freight, factory price increases, team member downsizing, high overhead costs, and so many more excuses-- we can't say the same because our team has negotiated bulk purchase orders. Ask anyone who deals with the amount of SKU's we do (we have over 5,000 ) if they can say they haven't raised prices in 3 years, let alone manage that with all the different ring sizes and colors with their founding team and still manage to expand throughout all of the world's catastrophes. From the 2020 scare, lockdowns, stock market crash, crypto crash, 401K portfolio losses, freight shipping increasing to $20,000 per container, microchip shortages, tech layoffs and many more tragedies-- we can proudly say we've taken all of this into consideration and focused on delivering the absolute best prices to over two-hundred thousand customers to date. We're proud to continue to work towards getting better every day.

Every business has its set of challenges, from internal to external, but at the end of the day our strong commitment and love for our products allow us to show up to work every day and give 110% to deliver an excellent service at an affordable price

Thank you for trusting us with your jewelry needs. Stay subscribed to our e-mails for future deals and new product announcements. We look forward to serving you!

- BirthMonth Deals Founding Team